Milland Care

When Milland’s community shop was in the planning stage, the team envisaged something far more than a village store and café. A true Village Hub. Now that the shop has been successfully established, we have introduced Milland Care to help realise this ambition. The idea behind Milland Care is to use the shop, which is of course open long hours, as a central point for the community to access both information and support when needed. We have some initial funding for this, both within the initial grants received and recent funding from West Sussex County Council. The concept has the backing of Milland Parish Council and we now have available the part-time services of a new staff member to help put the plan into action. You will see in the chart what we have in mind. But this is only a draft and the first thing is to bring together all the village organisations who might be involved. Also, the last thing we want to do is duplicate anything already being done, such as by the village churches or other organisations. Nothing is hard and fast yet, it is just a concept. Much of it is based on something similar run in Tillington and on the splendid advice, particularly in relation to elder care, provided by Chrissie May. The object then is to start a discussion. We’ll be contacting local organisations but if you would like to be involved at all please tell us. Either contact me or the shop. Email if you prefer.