Milland Village Stores and Cafe, Milland, Hampshire/West Sussex Border

We will remain open during the lockdown. We have limited capacity but if you are unable to come to the shop you can place an order  or call us on 01428 741066 to arrange delivery.

Our online order form has moved.  Please access it under the ‘Shop’ menu.

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Welcome to Milland Stores & Café –an award-winning community shop set up and run by the residents and now serving not only the village but a growing number of visitors who come by car, on foot or by bike to try out the warm and welcoming atmosphere.  Normally, we are open 7 days per week all year.

A dedicated team of volunteers and staff has created a true village shop, at the heart of the community, where people come not just to shop, but to meet and exchange news, conversation and laughter. Our emphasis is on excellent customer service and providing a wide range of quality local products on top of the everyday basics.

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