Customer Information Statement

Regulations are being introduced which cover the processing of data by organisation including our shop.  They embody a series of principles which most people would find entirely reasonable.  We are required to explain our approach to the data we hold.

We will need information about you and your use of the shop for our administration and accounting.  Many apparently simple tasks can involve processing personal data; including, for example, ordering a newspaper, arranging dry cleaning and, where appropriate, processing your payment.

  • You can ask us what data we hold about you in order to to confirm its accuracy, relevance and ultimately its erasure. We will of course make updates and correct any errors if required. 
  • We will also use your data to alert you to any developments or changes which may be relevant to your relationship with the shop.
  • Your data will be retained while we have a legitimate reason to do so. HMRC require us to retain accounting data for 6 years .  
  • It will not be shared with unconnected organisations.
  • It will not be transmitted abroad.

We have not had a problem with data security but to ensure that this never arises we ask the staff and volunteers to follow an Information and Security Policy.  It was designed to ensure that the personal data of customers and colleagues is treated with the care you’d expect.  A copy of the policy appears on our web site or can be inspected in the shop.

If you have concerns about our treatment of your data please speak to the duty manager.  If you are not satisfied you can contact the Information Commissioner,  or 0303 123 1113.